Earl Grey and Elderberry Latte (plus thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions)

Earl Grey and Elderberry Latte (plus thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions)

It’s currently the week of Thanksgiving and while I did try and force out a post on gratitude, it really wasn’t what was at the forefront of my mind. I’m already thinking about New Years. I love the start of a new year, it feels like hope, freshness, and newness (feelings I’m a total sucker for). I’ve written in the past about how, up until this last year, my New Years resolutions always revolved around the ways I wanted to change my body. I was going to get in shape, lose weight, and be a cleansed and detoxed goddess. And it wasn’t that I didn’t stick with my plans – I very nearly always did! Workout programs, cleanses, diets, fasts. It wasn’t that I couldn’t stick with them for the allotted time – it was that they never brought me what I wanted. My body never looked the way I thought it should look and I rarely felt the way I wanted to feel. What I did feel was hope. Hope lures me in and keeps me going. Unfortunately it even kept me going strong down the path of ignoring this amazing body I’m living in.


I had a goal – probably not more than a year ago – that by a certain time I wanted to be capable of effortlessly juice fasting until dinner. Not as a cleanse but as a way of life. Why in the world would I do that to myself?? Well, it made perfectly logical sense at the time. I wanted to feel effortless in my body and mind without food getting in the way. It was the freedom-seeker in me. And my desire wasn’t wrong, but the way I was going about it really held me back. For too long I made goals with a need to have certain routes get me there. It didn’t line up in my way of thinking that I could feel effortless in my body and mind without going that extreme route. It didn’t make sense to me that I could love my body without cleansing it to perfection. I couldn’t wrap my head around feeling light and free while still eating.


I let go of the plan and held on to the feelings. I let my body and a sense of curiosity and experimentation lead the way.


It’s helpful to have guides but ultimately, we need to make or own rules.


Now for your magical, immune-boosting tincture! This tincture is more of a latte but, while my atheist-scientist wife would disagree with me, it is a little bit magical. My version of magic is the agnostic sort, I couldn’t tell you whether it’s real or imaginary. I’ll just sum it up by saying it gives me happy, tingly feelings, in a way that only a lavender-tinted frothy beverage could do. Yes, yes, elderberry supports staying well in the cooler months – but I admit to making it mostly because it’s delicious and pretty and I can’t turn down a good kitchen experiment.


Earl Grey and Elderberry Latte



3/4 cup raw, grass-fed milk (or milk of choice)

1 Tbsp Essential Penguin elderberry syrup

1/2 cup strong brewed Earl Grey (I recommend DAVIDs Cream of Earl Grey)

1-3 tsp raw honey

Whisk all ingredients together and lightly warm in a small pot.


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