Lemon Shortbread Wheatgrass “Shot”

Lemon Shortbread Wheatgrass “Shot”

Personally, I like to spend December wrapped in fuzzy things, enjoying the snow from inside the house, with the She & Him Christmas album on repeat.

So for a girl like me, there a world where coziness, festivities AND green juice all live happily in the same little bubble?

Yes, yes, and freakin’ yes.

I’m not at all interested in loading up my sweet body with sugar cookies and eggnog, slogging through the season with the hope of the “new diet” on the first of the year.

But I’m totally interested in loving myself through the chilly months without feeling deprived OR perfectionistic.

When I think holiday’s, I think lights and music and friendship and FLAVOR!

So rather than insisting on doing the same ‘ol thing for the sake of tradition, I like to figure out how I can get my nostalgia-fix and remain connected to loved ones without compromising my happiness, energy, and clarity.

This cup of magic is one such way.



1 cup water
1 bag Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride herbal tea
1 dropperful NuNaturals vanilla liquid stevia
juice of half a lemon
1 Evergreen frozen wheatgrass shot

Heat the water, pour into a mug, and let steep in the fridge with the teabag until its just warm enough to melt the wheatgrass but not damage it. Add remaining ingredients and stir.


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