Diet Labels + Farmers Market Fingerling Hash

Diet Labels + Farmers Market Fingerling Hash

In my ideal world, I’d go to the Farmer’s Market every day – being surrounded by gorgeous food, freshly picked, is pure magic to me. That being said, I can’t call myself a “locavore”. The reason being…I can’t bear to label the way I eat. Even if I ate 100% local food I still don’t think I’d call myself a locavore! The beauty of valuing “rituals” over “rules”, and knowing how I want to feel, is that I’ve found myself naturally moving towards foods that feel good, both mentally and physically.

When I don’t bind myself up with “shouldn’ts” and “shoulds”, I find that I effortlessly gravitate towards:

  • foods that were grown locally (because the freshness is unbeatable and I love supporting local farmers!)
  • animal foods from well-cared-for animals (because my body has proven it needs animal foods right now and I want to make that choice as lovingly and consciously as possible.)
  • foods that are organic (if it’s in the budget, less chemicals for my body AND the soil is a choice I feel good about.)
  • foods that I enjoy (hear that wheatgrass? never again.)
  • foods that keep my hormones, mood, and energy balanced and happy.

These things are the general standard but…that doesn’t mean I said “no” to Thanksgiving dinner last week. There are occasions where eating what’s in front of me is more about gratitude and connection than anything else. I never eat anything that I feel pressured to – I choose everything consciously based on the situation and how I’m feeling. What we do most of the time is what has the biggest impact.



Serves 2-4


1 pound fingerling potatoes

1 pound sunchokes

1 green bell pepper

1 leek

grass-fed butter or coconut oil

sea salt and pepper, to taste


Shred potatoes and sunchokes and squeeze out any excess moisture with a thin dish towel. Thinly slice leeks, mince bell pepper, and add to the shred. Toss together. Heat a large pan over medium heat and add anywhere from a teaspoon to a Tablespoon of butter. When butter is melted and completely coating the bottom of the pan, add hash ingredients. Cook undisturbed until hash begins to brown. Flip over in chunks and brown the other side. Season to taste. Great with creme fraiche and salsa!


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  • Alissa says:

    Hey Rande,I just read your interview at Rebel Grrrl Living and I loved it! You really have a lot of wisdom from what you went through. Around the time you did your last 90 day juice feast I was starting to get worried about you. I am so glad you have found this freedom. I haven’t been able to let go and take the freedom you have found yet. I am still scared of letting go and I have issues I am working through, but life is a journey and its exciting to know that there are always surprises! Keep up the amazing posts I love hearing from you.
    You know, you should compile all your recipes from the vegetable centric kitchen into a book, I’d buy it 🙂 There is a salad I was just starting to make from that blog that I and some of my friends miss and I didn’t write it down. It was a roasted pepper with avocado cream salad–super yummy! I miss it.

    • Rande says:

      Hey Alissa! I sent an invite to you so you can view the old recipes – hopefully I have the correct e-mail address! And I know which salad you’re talking about, I like that one too 🙂 If you ever want to talk more in depth about food and freedom I’m totally up for it! I’ve had several chats with old friends just in exchange for a review if that’s something that sounds appealing at any point. Hope you have a good weekend!

  • Meg says:

    This look so tasty! Can’t wait to try it and try “sunchoke”!

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