I Don’t Want to Tell You What to Eat But…Chèvre Chocolate Truffles.

I Don’t Want to Tell You What to Eat But…Chèvre Chocolate Truffles.

It’s true, I don’t want to tell you what to eat.

I currently happen to be a green-juice-drinking, sprouting, spiralizing, culturing, kitchen fairy who’s own personal body does anything but thrive in the presence of sugar…but that’s me, not you.

Or maybe that IS you!

Either way, it doesn’t matter.

I have friends thriving on buttered up ketogenic-style diets and others living in overflowing gratitude for a fresh, light vegan diet.

You know that I’m all about tossing those diet labels in the name of FREEDOM but here’s the thing: my friends who are thriving don’t identify with their diets.

They fell in love with their own bodies FIRST and out of a desire to feel better, started experimenting.

I’ve done the same and it’s what I want for YOU:

Full and complete body love, trust and freedom.

I don’t work with anyone so they can “get good at their diet”, “be bikini ready for Summer” or “willpower their way out of binge eating”.

I’m not saying the binge eating won’t end or that you won’t lose weight – but we’ll focus on the juicier stuff first.

Face it: counting almonds, aching for the number on the scale to go down, and buying “motivation” outfits is NOT what you’re alive for.

Binge eating, emotional eating, and feeling unwell in our skin doesn’t mean anything is wrong with us: these are just invitations to adventure.

How would your eating challenge look different if you saw it as a portal rather than an imperfection?

It could in fact be the entry into everything you’ve been looking for.

Here’s the latest in kitchen magic:



3 oz 70% chocolate
3 oz chevre
2 dropperfuls vanilla stevia (or sweetener of choice)
a pat of organic butter
cocoa powder

Heat a pat of butter in a small pan on medium. Add chocolate and begin to melt. When chocolate is almost entirely melted, stir in goat cheese and stevia. Keep stirring until completely melted together. Scrape into a dish and place in fridge until cool. Once cooled, roll into six balls. Lightly toss truffle balls in cocoa powder until coated and place back into fridge to firm up to your liking.


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