How I Stopped Thinking About Food All Day.

How I Stopped Thinking About Food All Day.

Because it’s exhausting, right?

I’d been that way since I was a kid – daydreaming about food all freaking day long.

I tried to meditate it away.

Tried to distract myself.

Tried to eat the perfect diet.

Nothing worked.

Here’s what did: getting curious about the food thoughts.

Why were they there?

What if they weren’t wrong?

What if I stopped hating them?

So at the risk of sounding like a crazy person, I started talking to the part of myself who couldn’t stop thinking about food.

I asked her what she was afraid of.

And I found out…

That it wasn’t really about food.

She was afraid of not having pleasure.

She was afraid of being in the moment.

She was afraid of not being nourished.

So I started consciously seeking deep pleasure…

practicing presence with food, binge eating, and LIFE…

and nourishing myself rather than starving or making myself wrong for eating.

It. transformed. me.

Curiosity has become my magic weapon and it trumps self-judgment every time <3

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