Eating Can Be Easy.

Eating Can Be Easy.

…or it can be hard.

Here’s what “hard” looks like:

Diet labelling (raw foodist! ketogenic! vegetarian!)

Body manipulating (letting the scale determine how good we feel! comparing ourselves to our Pinterest boards called “fitspiration”!)

Willpowering, “being good”, being on or off “the wagon”.

I know you want to look good (me too!)

I know you want to feel good (me too!)

But when you’re on your deathbed, will you be content with the endless hours you spent trying to “fix” yourself?

Here’s the thing: food can and should be easy.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t challenge ourselves.

I’m not saying we should have pizza and ice cream for breakfast every day.

I’m not saying that we should settle for a mediocre life-experience.

Quite the opposite!

What if, instead of counting calories, we stayed AWAKE enough to how different each day was and what our bodies needed?

What if, instead of striving for a soul-crushing “example” of beauty, we cultivated a relationship with our body in which we couldn’t imagine ourselves as anything BUT beautiful?

What if, instead of zoning out, pushing, controlling, and manipulating – we took the next easiest step towards peace and freedom?

Maybe that step is leaving food on your plate because your body’s clearly had enough.

Maybe that step is actually finishing the food on your plate without guilt.

Maybe that step is upping your movement game and consistently challenging your mind and body…

or maybe it’s dropping the exercise in favor of some much needed rest and self-care.

I don’t have the “perfect next step” for you because it’s YOURS to know and take.

What’s right in front of your face?

What’s asking to be listened to?

What’s YOUR next step towards food and body peace?


P.S. If your sweet brain is jumbled and confused, I have a beautiful 21-day meditation course and challenge called “Coming Home to Your Body”. The meditations are only FOUR MINUTES and come with daily inspiration to keep you going for a magical 3 weeks.


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