Are You Fixing Your Flaws Or Exploring Your Potential?

Are You Fixing Your Flaws Or Exploring Your Potential?

There is a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE between these things.


When I juice fasted for 90 days, I was hoping to come out on the other end “fixed”.


Weight gone, toxicity gone, troubles gone.


If I had gone in already feeling my wholeness, I think it would have been an entirely different experience- though maybe one that I wouldn’t have taken on in the first place!


I’ve given up “self-help” and “self-improvement”.


I’ve given up diets and perfectionism and treating myself with anything but unconditional self-kindness.


Does that mean I don’t challenge myself?


Does that mean I don’t explore my potential, even if my explorations look extreme to some?




I explore from a place of enthusiasm for life and love for myself.


And that ride is a whole lot more fun!


(P.S. the pic above is from my beloved Desire Map daily planner)

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