Coconut Ice Cream with Maca, Tahini, Cacao Nib Swirl

Coconut Ice Cream with Maca, Tahini, Cacao Nib Swirl


What crazy cat pulls out their ice cream maker in the middle of December??


This crazy cat, apparently.


I’m also over here snapping pictures of my green juice in the snow to prove how hard-core I am ahem, inspire the masses.


The holiday’s absolutely do not have to be an out-of-control-“I’ll-start-over-on-New-Year’s situation.


They also don’t have to be a rigid, pleasureless, “stickin’-to-my-diet-no-matter-what” control-fest.


Neither of these situations are “mindful eating” and neither are loving of our freaking amazing bodies.


Let’s love ourselves through this season, awake and aware.


Let’s start the New Year feeling fresh, not hungover from a 3-month sugar-cookie bender.


Let’s create pleasure and memories while also listening to our bodies and eating to feel good.


(I prefer the “roasted versions of the maca, nibs, and tahini simply for flavor but the raw versions are also great)

1 can full fat coconut milk (I love this BPA and guar gum-free one)

6 Tbsp maca

6 Tbsp cacao nibs

6 Tbsp tahini

Pour coconut milk into ice cream maker and process according to ice cream maker directions. Swirl remaining ingredients into completed ice cream.

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