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Hello new friend!


My name is Rande and I’m here to help you find FREEDOM with food and PEACE in your body.


I’m here for you if you’ve been on every diet imaginable, and it’s made your head spin.



I’m here for you if you’ve read every book in the book on emotional eating and you still can’t end your day without stuffing yourself.



I’m here for you if you’re exhausted from trying to “fix” yourself.



I’m here for you because I was an emotional and binge eater for over 15 years and thought I was the only one who couldn’t heal.



I’m here for you because I was desperate enough to spend 90 days on a juice fast in an attempt to find a freedom that wasn’t waiting for me at the end.



I’m here for you because I was among TOO MANY WOMEN spending her precious life-force obsessing about food and hating her body.



If you want to read more about my story, click here. 



Wellness is something I look at holistically: It’s as much about pleasure and self-expression as it is about yoga and green juice (or whatever makes you feel good).  These days I’m an Eating Psychology and Mind-Body Wellness Coach with a love for mentoring women through their journey’s out of self-sabotage and towards body love, trust, and freedom.










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